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Post-évènement Seavengers 2017

Discussion dans 'Forum officiel des jeux' démarrée par Rhincate, 29 août 2017.

Chère utilisatrice, cher utilisateur,

Nous vous informons que vous devez obligatoirement posséder un compte de jeu et vous connecter à celui-ci si vous souhaitez participer au forum. Nous nous réjouissons par avance de votre visite. „Vers le jeu“
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  1. Rhincate

    Rhincate S-Moderator Team Seafight

    Ohé pirates,

    L'évènement s'achève, mais ce n'est pas tout à fait terminé !
    Votre équipe de modération Seafight France vous propose un petit jeu pour vous sensibiliser aux histoires parfois surprenantes et intrigantes proposer lors des évènements :)

    Nous espérons que vous avez su être attentifs aux descriptifs des quêtes d'évènement, et que vous saurez répondre aux quelques questions que nous allons vous poser.
    Vous devez répondre à ces questions en ouvrant une nouvelle discussion dans la section Ban et déban (pour ne pas vous faire voler la réponse :p), nous nous chargerons de traiter vos messages.

    Merci de répondre à chaque question dans un message différent, sous le format :
    • Question n°X : réponse
    • Serveur de jeu/ID : XXX/XXXXXXX
    L'ensemble des bonnes réponses sera compilée et un tirage au sort aura lieu pour désigner le vainqueur parmi les bonnes réponses.

    Le jeu est ouvert du 29/08/2017 à midi jusqu'au 06/09/2017 à midi.

    Il y aura 1 gagnant* par question remportant les lots suivants :
    • 7 jours de buff au choix,
    • 15 clés de coffre,
    • 50.000 boulets lumineux.
    Voici les questions auxquelles vous pouvez répondre :
    1. Quel était le projet de Clara et Rex à Nautica ? Ouvrir une base de loisir
    2. Quelle est la relation entre Clara et Rex ? En couple
    3. Quel est le nom donné au club des détracteurs de Rex ? Nemeseas nautiques
    4. Quel slogan voulait donner Rex à son projet ? "Le séjour de votre vie"
    5. Quel est le cri de guerre des Seavengers ? "Seavengers enfin réunis !"
    6. Quel problème a Rex d'après Clara ? Un problème de dressage de mât
    7. Quel est le tempérament de Rex ? Rex n'est pas courageux
    *Sont exclus du tirage les utilisateurs de bot multi-récidivistes
    Votre équipe Seafight
    Dernière modification: 6 septembre 2017
  2. Maru-re

    Maru-re S-Moderator Team Seafight


    voici mes réponses

    1. Quel était le projet de Clara et Rex à Nautica ? An saigné le francé o pirat
    2. Quelle est la relation entre Clara et Rex ? Il y a une relation de cause à effet
    3. Quel est le nom donné au club des détracteurs de Rex ? "ORANGE" ---> des tracteurs oranges
    4. Quel slogan voulait donner Rex à son projet ? Avec REX on a la sueur mais pas l'odeur (Rexona)
    5. Quel est le cri de guerre des Seavengers ? KRRRR KRRRR wesh wesh
    6. Quel problème a Rex d'après Clara ? Il joue petit bras ---> T-Rex
    7. Quel est le tempérament de Rex ? Il est "chaud patate"

    Cicéron et Rhincate aiment cela.
  3. Rhincate

    Rhincate S-Moderator Team Seafight

    Ohé pirates,

    Nous espérons que Maru-re vous aura fait rire :p
    Vous trouverez la réponse associée à chaque question dans le topic des questions ;)

    Les gagnants sont :
    1. le_puissant avec sa réponse partielle (c'est mieux que rien :cool:)
    2. le_puissant avec sa réponse.
    3. Personne.
    4. Personne.
    5. Personne.
    6. Personne.
    7. Personne.
    Merci de prendre contact avec le support pour réclamer vos gains :)

    Si toutefois ces questions ont attiré votre curiosité sur le contenu des quêtes, vous trouverez ci-dessous le détail des quêtes (en anglais) :) peut-être que certains d'entre vous n'ont pas non plus allé au bout des quêtes.

    Votre équipe Seafight

    736) Alexandros
    Tit for tat

    Perhaps this is no surprise but it appears that evil forces have been slowly gathering around us. As if some individual or group has laid down an ultimatum before them, so they’ve teamed up to destroy their enemy. I’ve been keeping them at bay for now, but I have other duties to attend to so do you care to lend a helping hand?

    737) Rex

    The captain I met during my sightseeing escapade gave me a spiffing idea. Why visit foreign places when you can ask them all to visit us? I sent a message out to all and sundry, ‘Nautica challenges you to beat us!’ However, some of them seem to have gotten the wrong idea. So while I have a rest can you make them see sense?

    739) Rex
    Trust Rexercises

    An awful lot of people think my message was some sort of challenge and competition, and they appear to be banding together against me. Gosh, I think I need to engage in my new training scheme, ‘Rexercises’, to get ready. Then a break for tea. Help me now and darling Clara will tell you more about our Nautica holiday resort plans.

    740) Clara
    Public Exposure

    If my Rexie trusts you then I do too. We’re partners in life as well our new get rich holiday scheme. Although I think Rexie’s advertisement may not have garnered the desired response we required. Therefore, we’re putting a team together to deal with disgruntled holiday makers and soon we will reveal ourselves to our adoring fans !

    742) Clara
    Super Fiends

    That was great work, sweet Captain. You’re almost as dashing as my sexy Rexie, but much less handsome of course. Still, the word is getting around that our band of holiday helpers are up for a challenge. So now we know that some of these holiday makers are so offensive it’s time for the “Seavengers” to assemble !

    743) Clara
    For The Right Reasons

    It appears the Seavengers have quite caught the public imagination, making us the talk of the town. I see many laughing and joking about us in the pubs and marketplaces, clearly revealed that we have come together to battle enemies like the Blast Blimp and Zenith Zeppelin. Now prove you’re worthy to be a member!

    744) Clara
    Budget Crisis

    Ooh you are brave, captain. However, I appears your name is not yet synonymous with that of the Seavengers, so we’ll have to do something about that. Whilst I ask Rex to do something about this, I was wondering if you could help us with some budgeting problems. Just to ensure the team stays afloat.

    745) Rex
    Nautical Nemeseas

    What… sorry, I was resting my eyes, whilst contemplating the next move for the Seavengers. Perhaps we should form a club? It seems our critics have formed their own team called the Nautical Nemeseas. I’ve never seen holiday makers so angry about a simple message. Please show them we’re a professional outfit.

    746) Clara
    Fact Seekers

    Ah, captain. Brave, brave, captain. Awesome, marvelous, noble, captain. It appears that the Nautical Nemeseas have possibly managed to draw some other monsters to Nautica to do their bidding. Potentially scuppering our new slogan, ‘The visit of a lifetime!’ Perhaps you could be a dear and drive them back a bit.

    746) Alexandros
    Fact Finders

    So, captain. I hear some crackpot scheme to get more people to visit Nautica has caused most of our problems. As if the ones we already have here aren’t bad enough? Present copany accepted, I hope. Anyway the monsters appears to be stemming from the Ogygia region… Maybe you should pay that area a visit.

    747) Clara
    Image Conscious

    Oh, my… did you see the information Rex found? What? You found it without Rex’s help? You may even be a match for my darling, although I feel that challenge is one you’ll need to prepare for. Our enemies base of operations in Ogygia seems to have moved. We’re on their trail, but need to improve our reputation to drum up more support.

    748) Rex
    In the Name of Justice

    Maintaining justice on the high seas is tiring work, captain. Who would have thought there are people called ‘pirates’ out there! It’s almost like they’re hunting for treasure, rather than a good place to perch themselves. Can the Seavengers handle this? Well now I’m making you a member, you can take responsibility.

    749) Clara
    The Third Act

    It appears that the Nautical Nemeseas can’t easily be stemmed, even with Rex giving you such excellent guidance throughout your adventures. He really is a dreamboat, I’m sure you agree. All this excitement has caused his rash again. So he’ll not be able to help you battle our enemies on the high seas. Do your thing, captain!

    750) Alexandros
    Plot Twist

    Let’s get things straight. I want you to explain to me in simple words why the bloody monsters are still swarming to Nautica. I’ve heard you’re name bandied about as a member of the Seavengers too. Can I make it perfectly clear that my respect for you is dropping sharply and it’s time to sort this out!

    751) Rex
    First come, First Serve

    You’re back in our secret lair. Well, perhaps not as secret as I would have wanted but, ‘Seavengers together at last!’ Is that a good battlecry? Perhaps I need to dream up something else. We now seem to have caused a little bit of friction in the Ancient Hotbed. So while I put some cream on my rash… sort it out.

    752) Clara
    The Grand Finale?

    I’m quite worried about my sexy Rexie. Now he’s also having that problem ‘raising the yardarm’, if you know what I mean. It appears your exploits with the other Seavengers in the Ancient Hotbed didn’t solve the problems completely. So your trials continue in our name. Time to return to battle.

    753) Rex
    After the Credits

    Is that a light I can see before me, a bright light guiding me to… Oh, I see you’ve just opened the door and it’s sunny outside. Well captain, it appears we may be able to use the monsters appearance as a selling point for our holiday scheme, as we’ve drawn in the Kraken. No, don’t storm out… There’s heroics to be had!

    754) Barnacle Ballard
    Experimental Phase

    Well, well, well. My carrier birds bring news from far and wide. The largest monster attack in many a year and then you come strolling through my door. Let me say I’m not surprised as you seem to have your fingers in everything. You’ll only stop the Kraken by entering its lagoon. So I’d get right to it!

    755) Clara
    Divide by Faction

    I think Rex is having second thoughts about setting up this holiday business. Me too, I’ve never seen him looking so poorly – although, of course, he’s more of a man than most of the others out on the high seas. I think it’s time for the Seavengers to face the Emerald Raider in a final battle to shut those critics up.

    756) Loreena
    Last Ditch Attempt

    Your problem. Not mine! If you’ll side with idiots then it’s your own look-out. Now piss off!

    757) Rex
    Heroic Exit

    Oh… I’m a little dizzy. I think the blood has been rushing to my head. I never expected a simple marketing scheme to aid the people of Nautica would go so awry. My doctor has suggested that I take some time off work and go for a brief holiday. So I’m sure you can clear up any outstanding business here!
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